Writing Practice: What’s Next – A Swedish Tale Part 3

This is the last part of  “What’s Next writing practice with A Swedish Tale”.

For the first and second parts, please click HERE and HERE. Did you write the continuation of the story? Now, let’s check if you got it correctly, or if your version is much better.

“Hurry! Use your last wish to get it off,” said his wife. “I can’t stand having such a long nose.”

” I don’t think you look so bad. In fact, that sausage makes you look kind of cute. Besides, what about our new house and all money we need?” Don’t you want those things?”

His wife shook her head. She looked so unhappy with the long sausage hanging down from her nose, swinging back and forth. The woodcutter said, ” Then don’t ever say I wasted the last wish. “He took a deep breath and commanded, ” I want the sausage to disappear!” It vanished in instant, and so did all the riches they might have had. 

What have you learned from the story?

Thanks for trying the writing practice. See you next time :)


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    Its high time that english become one of the most important languages.
    Could you please send me few sample English and Mathematics language Exam questions.within few days I will be attending the English and Mathematics test, but on my side the idea is not available.Need help!!

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