Writing Practice: What’s Next – A Swedish Tale Part 2

Let’s continue our What’s Next writing practice with A Swedish Tale, now with the second part.

For the first part, please click HERE. Did you write the continuation of the story? Now, let’s check if you got it correctly, or if your version is much better.

“I wish I had a big fat sausage to eat,” he said. As soon as he spoke the words, a large sausage appeared on his plate.

” Oh my goodness!” cried his wife, “Where did that come from?”

Then the woodcutter remembered what the wood nymph had said about the three wishes. He told his wife what had happened in the forest that morning.

” What? You wasted your wish on a sausage’? How could you be SO stupid? You are the most foolish man I’ve ever known. You know that we need a bigger home, a team of horses, and money to pay the taxes with! And you wished for a sausage, a stupid sausage! “

“Stop talking about it,” said the woodcutter. He became angry at his wife, and without thinking, he yelled, “I wish the sausage would stick to your nose!”

The sausage flew up from the plate and landed on the end of his wife’s nose. She tried to pull the sausage off her nose, but it wouldn’t budge. Her husband tried, too. He pulled very hard but it would not come off.


What do you think will happen next?
Check back for the next post if you correctly guess the continuation of the story. See you :)


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