Writing Practice: What’s Next – A Swedish Tale Part 1

In “What’s Next?” English writing practice, you get to write what will happen next in the story.

Our first story is entitled “A Swedish Tale” though I believe that it has a more definite title, not just a story from Sweden. Anyways, I divided the story into 3 parts, and all you need to do is write what would happen next in the first part of the story.

Here it is:

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Once, a poor woodcutter went to the forest to chop down trees. He raised his ax to a large old, pine tree and was about to strike, when suddenly, a wood nymph called down from a high branch.

“Please don’t harm this tree. It is my home!”

“Who are you?” asked the woodcutter.”

“I’m a wood nymph, and I live in this tree.”

“Okay, I’ll cut a different tree instead.” said the man, and he lowered his ax. “Thank you, woodcutter,” said the nymph. “Because you are such a kind man, your next three wishes will come true.”

“He didn’t really believe in magic, so he forgot about the wood nymph’s wishes. The woodcutter worked hard for the rest for the day, and when he arrived at his cabin, he was very hungry. He sat at the table, and his wife placed a bowl of weak chicken broth and a hard piece of brown bread in front of him.

“What? Is this all there is for dinner?”

“I’m sorry,” said his wife. “We have only a bit of money left, and we need to save it.”


What do you think will happen next?

Check back for the next post if you correctly guess the continuation of the story. See you 🙂


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