What Can You See?

This post is for our What Say You speaking practice and at the same time in What’s in the Picture writing practice. 

What can you see in this optical illusion image? Let’s practice your speaking skill and/or writing skill by giving description on what you see in the image.


Do you see a young lady? How about an old lady? What else can you see?


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  1. Elena says:

    There is a pitcher in front of me. In the description was said there is an
    Optical illusion image.

    First of all I see a young woman was turned her head backward. I can’t
    see her face. I only can imagine she has a nice face. May be she also
    rich woman because she is dressed a fur coat and big white hat with feather.
    The woman tucks her black curly hair at the nape under the hat.

    In description was said about an old lady but I don’t see her.
    After a huge effort I finally saw that old lady. She is dressed the
    same fur coat and a white hat but them seem different because
    there are cover the old lady’s face. The young woman’s necklace
    turned to the old lady’s mouth. Young chin turned to the old nous. Eye and
    ear turned to the two eyes. The old lady looks in sad mood.

    Finally, even though, on the image there are two characters , my eyes prefer
    to see only the one young lady.

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