When to Use Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are a type of pronoun that end with “-self” or “-selves”.

List of Reflexive pronouns:
myself, itself, yourself, herself, himself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves

When to use Reflexive Pronouns:
1. When the subject and object of the sentence are the same, we use reflexive pronoun as the object.
John sometimes blames John. (subject: John, object: John)
John sometimes blames himself. (subject: John, object: himself)

2. Reflexive pronouns are used before “all by” to mean“alone”.
Mary watched the movie all by herself. (OR)
Mary watched the movie by herself.

3. Reflexive pronouns can be a Direct Object.
The teacher scolded himself for being irresponsible.

4. Reflexive pronouns can be an Indirect Object.
She tells herself that he loves her.

5. Reflexive pronouns can be an Object of Preposition.
Be good to yourself.

Grammar Practice: Reflexive Pronouns

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