Tunisian Arabic 101: Telephoning

The other day, I got hold of Kais from Tunisia and he was again generous of his time to share us some Tunisian Arabic conversational phrases. This time they are phrases and sentences used for telephone conversation. I am posting the first five (5) telephone conversation phrases and will post the other 5 next time.  To know how they are read, go to Google Translate, copy and paste the Arabic text on the box and  and click the volume button just like this. Have fun!

Useful Telephoning Phrases and Sentences:

1. Can I speak to Mr. John, please?

 Hal ymknuni attaklumu ela assayed John

هل يمكنني التكلم إلي السيد جون


2. Speaking

Enaho be sadadi al takalom

انه بصدد التكلم


3. Are you busy?

Hal anta machgul ?

 هل أنت مشغول ؟


4. Can I call you back?

Hal ymkenuni an aaweda al etessal marraten okhra

هل يمكنني أن ا عاود الاتصال مرة أخرى ؟


5. Please hold on.

La toghlek al khat men fadhlek

لا تغلق الخط من فضلك

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