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Spanish Words: Masculine and Feminine

Words in Spanish are masculine or feminine First rule (primera regla) A word that finish in “o” is :masculine. Examples: perro (dog) ; gato (cat), so you say : el perro, el gato.   A word that finish in “a” is femenine. Examples: casa (house) ; puerta (door), so you say: la casa, la puerta. […]

Spanish Words: Restaurants

It’s Pinkisol again bringing you some Spanish words to learn: Nuevas palabras ( new words): Hola – Hello Soy (your name) – I am (your name) Trabajo en un restaurante–  I work in a restaurant. El desayuno – breakfast Almuerzo – lunch Cena – dinner Watch the video and listen how to say those Spanish […]

Spanish 101: Saludos (Greetings and Goodbyes)

Greetings in Spanish (Saludos) Buenas Dias : Good Morning Buenas Tardes : Good Afternoon Buenas Noches : Good Night Hola : Hello   Goodbyes: Despedidas Chao Adios Hasta Pronto Nos Vemos : See you. Listen on how to pronounce the greetings:   About the Teacher: Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If […]