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Russian Vocabulary: Genders of Nouns

Read the poem and you’ll surely not forget the genders of the nouns there. This is a fun way to remember the genders of nouns 🙂 Play the audio below to listen to the Russian version: Vocabulary Extension Trough Genders of Noun Похоже, здесь баланс   It looks like it’s a balance here  Дружба – […]

Russian 101: Russian Alphabet

Hello! I’m Alexander and here is promised Russian alphabet. The first letter in each couple is capital. In example syllables and words, capital letters are used for stressed vowels.  Dashed letters make syllables. Examples without dashes are real words but now they are just for listening and reading. Stay with me and you’ll know the […]

Russian 101: International Words

Hello! My name’s Alexander and this is my very first lesson of Russian for beginners here. I’m going to introduce quite a long list of words which can be considered international ones, at least, concerning English and Russian. I hope this will help you to tune your ear to Russian sounds and I won’t be […]