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Vocabulary: Name This

This vocabulary exercise is for beginners level. Building vocabulary through pictures is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary skills. So, when I saw this in one of the ebooks I had, I thought that it would be a good vocabulary exercise. What you need to do: Name the things found in the picture. […]

What’s In the Picture? In Israel

For our second What’s In the Picture exercise, let’s have this picture: Just like in the first What’s In the Picture exercise, you just need to write or say several sentences describing the picture above. To write, use the comment box; to record your voice, go to the comment section below this post and click […]

What’s In the Picture?

I like using pictures to fiddle one’s imagination and at the same time, improve his English. Most of my lessons have picture description drills and I am always amazed on the variety of interpretations my students would give me. Some give serious take and others in humorous way. So, I decided to also entice my […]