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Use of Comma Exercise

Practice your knowledge on using comma (,) in the following sentences. Check rules of comma to know when to use comma. Start here: 1. Having thought of a great idea Michael runs to his mother. 2. The puppy is cute but smelly. 3. Today the sun is shining brightly. 4. The diet which was introduced by Dr. Holts […]

Writing Practice: What’s Next – A Swedish Tale Part 2

Let’s continue our What’s Next writing practice with A Swedish Tale, now with the second part. For the first part, please click HERE. Did you write the continuation of the story? Now, let’s check if you got it correctly, or if your version is much better. “I wish I had a big fat sausage to […]

Writing Practice: What’s Next – A Swedish Tale Part 1

In “What’s Next?” English writing practice, you get to write what will happen next in the story. Our first story is entitled “A Swedish Tale” though I believe that it has a more definite title, not just a story from Sweden. Anyways, I divided the story into 3 parts, and all you need to do […]

What Can You See?

This post is for our What Say You speaking practice and at the same time in What’s in the Picture writing practice.  What can you see in this optical illusion image? Let’s practice your speaking skill and/or writing skill by giving description on what you see in the image. Ready?  Do you see a young […]

Story Writing

Writing a story is fun. So, for our writing exercise, we have a picture below. All you need to do is write a story based on the sequence of events shown in the picture. You can give the man a name you like. Write your story on the comment box below and the teacher will […]