Russian 101: International Words

Hello! My name’s Alexander and this is my very first lesson of Russian for beginners here. I’m going to introduce quite a long list of words which can be considered international ones, at least, concerning English and Russian. I hope this will help you to tune your ear to Russian sounds and I won’t be surprised at all if you get the feeling that you can speak Russian quite well right away. You really can!

Capital letters are for stressed vowels.

Listen to the Audio below at the same time:

I know your eyes won’t believe your ears and mouth because of Cyrillic letters but I don’t think it would be correct to help your eyes with Pro-Latin sound symbols. I promise to help your eyes with Cyrillic alphabet on my next lesson.

Now look at Cyrillic letters and try to hear and repeat my sounds. I’ll read longer than one-syllable words twice: first, slowly, in syllables; then faster, closer to fluent native pronunciation.

mum – ма-ма – мАма

son – сын

daughter – дочь

sister – сес-тра – сестрА

brother – брат

family name – фа-ми-лия – фамИлия


park – парк

bank – банк

fountain – фон-тан – фонтАн


school – шко-ла – шкОла

museum – му-зей – музЕй
supermarket – су-пер-мар-кет – супермАркет

university – у-ни-вер-си-тет – университЕт

flag – флаг

president – пре-зидeнт – президЕнт

minister – ми-нистр – минИстр

parliament – пар-ла-мент – парлАмент

mayor – мэр

manager – ме-не-джер – мЕнеджер
chief – шеф

party (politics) – пар-тия  – пАртия

pilot – пи-лот – пилОт

doctor – док-тор – дОктор

hospital – гос-пи-таль – гОспиталь

clinic – кли-ни-ка  – клИника

architect – ар-хи-тек-тор – архитЕктор

engineer – ин-же-нер – инженЕр


radio – ра-ди-о –  рАдио
telephone – те-ле-фон  – телефОн
mobile telephone – мо-биль-ный те-ле-фон  –  мобИльный телефОн
computer – ком-пью-тер – компьЮтер

calculator – каль-ку-ля-тор – калькулЯтор

television – те-ле-ви-зор – телевИзор

tractor – трак-тор – трАктор
automobile – ав-то-мо-биль – автомобИль
trolley-bus – трол-лей-бус – троллЕйбус

(auto)bus – ав-то-бус –  автОбус

tanker – тан-кер –  тАнкер

stop – стоп

Thank you. Hope to see you again soon.


About the Teacher:

I’m Alexander. If you wish to learn Russian from a native Russian, I can help you on line as I’m educated and experienced in teaching it. My Skype is alexander.bychkov50, my GoogleTalk is

You can call me Alex but, please, not Al – it’s too short for my Russian ear and missing it could be very embarrassing.

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  1. Hello Alexander, Well done I like this site. You have done good work here.Your voice sounds very Russian in your recordings. It is not how you sound to me on Skype. Maybe you should experiment more with this sound recording equipment.
    I hope this is a start to many good things that will improve your future for the better.
    My live to your family,my best regards Graham

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