Meeting People: Introduction

We meet people every day from work and other social functions. Introducing yourself or other people is a start to a good business relationship or friendship. So, it is always good to meet people. Let’s have some practice on introduction:

Practice: Complete the conversation by filling in the gaps from the choices given below.

Conversation A:Joon Suk, a new employee, meets Abdul Kalam.

Joon Suk: Hello, I’d like to __________. I’m Joon Suk. I’m the new finance manager.
Abdul Kalam: Hi, _________________? I’m Abdul Kalam from sales. _______________.

A. introduce myself
B. It’s nice to meet you.
C. How are you?


Conversation B: John Smith, a colleague from America, is visiting the office in India.

Ranjiv Singh: Mr. Smith, I’d like __________ Mr. Teplov. Mr. Teplov  is from our Ukraine office.
Mikael Teplov: Hello!
John Smith: How are you, Mr. Teplov? __________ meeting you.
Mikael Teplov: Oh, please __________Mikael.
John Smith: And I’m John.
Mikael Teplov: Hi.
John Smith: Well, Mikael, did you __________?
Mikael Teplov: Yeah, not too bad.

A. call me
B. have a good trip
C. you to meet
D. I’ve been looking forward to
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