Interrogative Pronouns

The words Who, Whom, What, Which, Whose areInterrogative Pronouns. These pronouns are used to ask question.

Who is he talking?
Who are those people?

Whom are you playing with?
Whom is he talking to?

Which of these bags is yours?
Which do you like?

Whose is this umbrella?
Whose are these gloves?

What is your dog’s name?
What are you talking about?
What is the time?

In writing and formal speaking, Whom can be used in object of the verb and object of preposition.

Whom did the president criticize?
To whom is the principal talking? OR Whom is the principal talking to?

Who is used as the subject of the sentence and object of the verb.

Who broke the window?
Who are you inviting to your party?

Do NOT use Whom as the subject of the sentence.
Whom came to the party last night? (WRONG)
Who came to the party last night? (CORRECT)


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