Grammar Practice: Adjective Hunt

Adjectives are words used to describe a person, thing, place, event, and others. Examples of adjectives are beautiful, tall, difficult, expensive.

For our Grammar practice today, let’s hunt for these adjectives. You have only 2 minutes (please time yourself) to identify 25 adjectives from the list below.  Write the adjectives you found in the comment box so that I can check whether they are right or not. You may use  these adjectives in your own sentences too.

Let’s begin, and oh, don’t forget the timer 🙂


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3 Responses to “Grammar Practice: Adjective Hunt”

  1. Elena says:

    impressive, independent, apprehensive, interesting, large, bigger, similar, soft,controversial, strong,
    orderly, supplementary, gobble, voluntary, punctuate, really,last, biographical, masterful, soluble,
    past,poetry, definitive, reliable, recently.

    It took more than 2 minutes. Looking for, rolling and writing is soch a long process.

  2. kais says:

    this is my answer :
    Apprehensive, biographical, conclusive, controversial , definitive, impressive, independent, interesting, large, last, lost, manliness, masterful, past, pronounced, punctuate, really, reliable, soft, soluble, similar, someone, strong, voluntary.

    Thank you for this interesting exercice

    • teachertya says:

      thanks kais, 🙂
      by the way, there are 25 adjectives and you only listed 24.
      punctuate” is not adjective, it is a verb
      someone” is a noun and pronoun

      so, you need to identify 3 more adjectives from the list. 🙂

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