English is a Tough Stuff part 1

For our pronunciation, let’s start with the famous poem, English is a Tough Stuff, that even a native English speaker has difficulty in reading.

I divided it into several parts so that students (you) would be able to practice and perfect several stanzas before moving onto the next part.

Listen here:

Let’s start:

Dearest creature in creation,
Study English pronunciation.
I will teach you in my verse
Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse.

I will keep you, Suzy, busy,
Make your head with heat grow dizzy.
Tear in eye, your dress will tear.
So shall I! Oh hear my prayer.

Watch out for these words, they are often mispronounced:

A. corpse, corps, horse, worse


B. Tear in eye, your dress will tear

        tear (noun) /tir/

        tear (verb) /ter/

So, now, get your microphone and record these poem in the comment. Just click the video comment button. You need to be a registered member to be able to leave a video (audio) comment.


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11 Responses to “English is a Tough Stuff part 1”

  1. Elena says:

    ” Sorry, clip not found. “

  2. tom says:

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    • teachertya says:

      hi tom, good job!
      please practice on the following words:

      creature – /kree-chur/
      verse – /vurs/
      corpse – /korps/
      corps – /kor/
      worse – /wurs/

      see you in our class!

  3. Takeshi says:

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    • teachertya says:

      that’s great takeshi 🙂 keep it up!

      practice more on the following:
      sounds like – don’t forget to pronounce the sound of /s/ in “sounds”
      corpse – longer /o/ sound
      corps – silent /p/ and /s/, the sound of /o/ is the same as in corpse, long /o/
      worse – /wurs/
      dress – pronounce the /s/ clearly

    • Mereke says:

      That was perfect, however it needs more improvement. Please, speak more quickly and then your accent will be disappear. I reccomend you to read American Accent Training book.

      Bye, MK

  4. jean says:

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    • teachertya says:

      hi jean, thanks for trying the audio comment. it works properly. now you can practice reading aloud 🙂

  5. kais says:

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