What’s In the Picture?

I like using pictures to fiddle one’s imagination and at the same time, improve his English. Most of my lessons have picture description drills and I am always amazed on the variety of interpretations my students would give me. Some give serious take and others in humorous way.

So, I decided to also entice my visitors here with a little mind fiddling. It’s so easy, just look at and analyze the picture, and then, on the comment box, write a paragraph describing your interpretation of the picture. If you are registered here, I will grade your answer (don’t worry, others will not see your answer, unless you want them to :p), and if you’re not registered here, you can still leave your answer on the comment box.

Now, here’s the picture. Remember, write at least  3-4 sentences. Enjoy!


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  1. kais says:

    I see a game room which is not really crowded. May be it’s not already the weekend there yet and people are still working or maybe the place is not well-known. Who knows?

    To go in details, there are about 8 different machines and 9 persons in this place. A man is standing in the extreme left of the photo looking at something. Just in front of him, a girl is walking and perhaps a father is playing with his daughter. A little bit on the right, a girl, accompanied by two men, is playing on in one a machine. On the extreme right, I can see a woman running. May be she is fleeing from the man who is behind here her or running after someone else. Any way she looks happy and enjoying here her time. Lucky her!

    Notes from the teacher:
    1. Be careful of the use of “here” and “her”.
    2. After a phrase, like: Just in front of her, put a comma (,)
    3. When describing a picture, you can describe beyond what you see.
    Overall, it’s a good try. Keep practicing, Kais.

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