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Countries and Nationalities

With more and more people travelling around the world, be it for business or pleasure, we meet people from different countries. It is necessary to know how do we call someone from a particular country or the nationality to avoid embarrassment. So the next time you visit Poland, you can tell your friend, “Poles are very […]

Meeting People: Introduction

We meet people every day from work and other social functions. Introducing yourself or other people is a start to a good business relationship or friendship. So, it is always good to meet people. Let’s have some practice on introduction: Practice: Complete the conversation by filling in the gaps from the choices given below. Conversation […]

5 Job Interview Sample Questions and Answers

Before landing a job, one of the steps that an applicant must go through is the interview. Every job interview differs from the other depending on the position, nature of work, and mood of the interviewer. However, there’s nothing wrong coming to the interview at least half prepared. When I say half prepared, that means […]

Dictation: Airport Announcement

For our another listening practice, let’s listen to an airport announcement. Listen carefully on the announcement and complete the text below. Listen to the announcement: Complete the text: Paging __________ passenger Kim. Mr. Chang Soo Kim. Mr. Kim, please come to the ticket counter of _______________________ or pick up one of the ______________________ located throughout […]