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Dictation: Airport Announcement

For our another listening practice, let’s listen to an airport announcement. Listen carefully on the announcement and complete the text below. Listen to the announcement: Complete the text: Paging __________ passenger Kim. Mr. Chang Soo Kim. Mr. Kim, please come to the ticket counter of _______________________ or pick up one of the ______________________ located throughout […]

Dictation: Listening to an Announcement

In improving listening skill, it is important to understand each word heard. Writing what is heard is a good way to know whether the word heard is right or not. So, for our listening exercise, let’s have a dictation practice. All you need to do is write in the comment form below all the words […]

Question and Response

For our first listening exercise, let’s have Questions and Responses. In this exercise, listen to the question and responses. All you need to do is choose the appropriate response to the question. Ready? Let’s start! [QUIZZIN 3] Don’t forget to let us know how you fare, just post your score on the comment box. Happy […]