Business Russian: Asking Offers and Suggestions

Hello, I’m Alexander.
Today I present some business Russian expressions hoping to bring your knowledge of Russian closer to real life demands. Remember that red underlined letters in the expressions are stressed and Russian letter ё is always stressed.

Listen to the Audio below:

  Запросить предложения / Asking for offers & suggestions

Я жду ваших предложений.– I’m waiting for your suggestions.

Какие есть предложения на это счёт? .– What suggestions can you offer?

Что вы предлагаете? .– What do you offer/ suggest?

Мы с удовольствием рассмотрим ваши предложения.– We’ll consider your suggestions/offers with pleasure
Thanks for your attention. Watch out for  my next post, Business Russian Expressions: Expressing Interest.

About the Teacher:

I’m Alexander. If you wish to learn Russian from a native Russian, I can help you online as I’m educated and experienced in teaching it. My Skype is alexander.bychkov50, my GoogleTalk is

You can call me Alex but, please, not Al – it’s too short for my Russian ear and missing it could be very embarrassing.

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