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Spanish Words: Restaurants

It’s Pinkisol again bringing you some Spanish words to learn: Nuevas palabras ( new words): Hola – Hello Soy (your name) – I am (your name) Trabajo en un restaurante–  I work in a restaurant. El desayuno – breakfast Almuerzo – lunch Cena – dinner Watch the video and listen how to say those Spanish […]

Business Russian: Expressing Interest

Hello, It’s Alexander again. As promised here are some business Russian expressions on Expressing Interest. Remember that red underlined letters in the expressions are stressed and Russian letter ё is always stressed. Listen to the audio below as you read:    Высказать заинтересованность / Expressing interest Да, это интересно. — Yes, it’s interesting. Нас интересуют […]

Vocabulary: Name This

This vocabulary exercise is for beginners level. Building vocabulary through pictures is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary skills. So, when I saw this in one of the ebooks I had, I thought that it would be a good vocabulary exercise. What you need to do: Name the things found in the picture. […]

Speak Spanish in Spain

Hi, this is Pinkisol again for a new set of Spanish learning: Quieres aprender Español – Do you want to learn Spanish? Un curso nuevo para trabajar en restaurantes – A new course to work in restaurants Tú puedes viajar,conocer y trabajar en países de habla hispana. – You can travel,visit and work in countries […]

Dictation: Airport Announcement

For our another listening practice, let’s listen to an airport announcement. Listen carefully on the announcement and complete the text below. Listen to the announcement: Complete the text: Paging __________ passenger Kim. Mr. Chang Soo Kim. Mr. Kim, please come to the ticket counter of _______________________ or pick up one of the ______________________ located throughout […]