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Business Russian: Asking Offers and Suggestions

Hello, I’m Alexander. Today I present some business Russian expressions hoping to bring your knowledge of Russian closer to real life demands. Remember that red underlined letters in the expressions are stressed and Russian letter ё is always stressed. Listen to the Audio below:   Запросить предложения / Asking for offers & suggestions Я жду ваших предложений.– I’m […]

What Can You See?

This post is for our What Say You speaking practice and at the same time in What’s in the Picture writing practice.  What can you see in this optical illusion image? Let’s practice your speaking skill and/or writing skill by giving description on what you see in the image. Ready?  Do you see a young […]

Grammar Practice: Interrogative Pronouns

This Grammar Exercise is for ages 8 – 13 and/or Beginners learners. Interrogative Pronouns are words Who, Whom, What, Which, Whose. These pronouns are used to ask questions. Read and learn more HERE before doing the grammar practice on interrogative pronouns.  Let’s Start: Directions: Choose the correct Interrogative Pronouns to complete the sentences. [QUIZZIN 9]

Interrogative Pronouns

The words Who, Whom, What, Which, Whose areInterrogative Pronouns. These pronouns are used to ask question. Examples: Who is he talking? Who are those people? Whom are you playing with? Whom is he talking to? Which of these bags is yours? Which do you like? Whose is this umbrella? Whose are these gloves? What is your dog’s […]

Russian 101: Russian Alphabet

Hello! I’m Alexander and here is promised Russian alphabet. The first letter in each couple is capital. In example syllables and words, capital letters are used for stressed vowels.  Dashed letters make syllables. Examples without dashes are real words but now they are just for listening and reading. Stay with me and you’ll know the […]