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Russian 101: International Words

Hello! My name’s Alexander and this is my very first lesson of Russian for beginners here. I’m going to introduce quite a long list of words which can be considered international ones, at least, concerning English and Russian. I hope this will help you to tune your ear to Russian sounds and I won’t be […]

Grammar Practice: Reflexive Pronouns

One of the types of pronouns is Reflexive Pronouns. Many are confused on when to use reflexive pronouns. Before doing this exercise, I suggest reading the guide on When to Use Reflexive Pronouns on the Forum. Ready to start? Let’s begin: [QUIZZIN 7]

When to Use Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are a type of pronoun that end with “-self” or “-selves”. List of Reflexive pronouns: myself, itself, yourself, herself, himself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves When to use Reflexive Pronouns: 1. When the subject and object of the sentence are the same, we use reflexive pronoun as the object. Example: John sometimes blames John. (subject: John, […]

Spanish 101: Saludos (Greetings and Goodbyes)

Greetings in Spanish (Saludos) Buenas Dias : Good Morning Buenas Tardes : Good Afternoon Buenas Noches : Good Night Hola : Hello   Goodbyes: Despedidas Chao Adios Hasta Pronto Nos Vemos : See you. Listen on how to pronounce the greetings:   About the Teacher: Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If […]

Grammar Practice: Adjective Hunt

Adjectives are words used to describe a person, thing, place, event, and others. Examples of adjectives are beautiful, tall, difficult, expensive. For our Grammar practice today, let’s hunt for these adjectives. You have only 2 minutes (please time yourself) to identify 25 adjectives from the list below.  Write the adjectives you found in the comment […]

English for Kids: The Cat and the Bird

When an 11-year-old student of mine told me that the English exercises here are difficult, that’s the time I remembered that I haven’t posted any English exercise suitable for kids. So, I immediately thought of some English practice for the tots and here is the first. Read and Answer. (This exercise is for ages 9-12) […]

What Say You? If You Bumped Your Car

Here’s our next “What Say You?” speaking (or writing?) exercise. All you need to do is record your answer to the question. There is no right or wrong answer here, so feel free to express yourself. Let’s start, here’s the question:  If you bumped your car into another car, but nobody saw you do it, […]

Dictation: Listening to an Announcement

In improving listening skill, it is important to understand each word heard. Writing what is heard is a good way to know whether the word heard is right or not. So, for our listening exercise, let’s have a dictation practice. All you need to do is write in the comment form below all the words […]