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Story Writing

Writing a story is fun. So, for our writing exercise, we have a picture below. All you need to do is write a story based on the sequence of events shown in the picture. You can give the man a name you like. Write your story on the comment box below and the teacher will […]

Saludos en Español

Saludos  ( greetings)  formal: Buenos días      ( good morning) Buenas tardes    (good afternoon,good evening) Buenas noches    ( good night) Informal.  Hola ¿Cómo estas? (Hello, How are you?) ¿Que tal? (what´s up?)   About the Contributor: Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If interested to learn Spanish with her, contact  on Teacher Rosa […]

Facts about Antonym or Opposite

Since one of our English Exercises is Antonyms, I thought of sharing you this Wikipedia link that explores the facts of opposite or antonyms. Do you know that not all words have antonyms? How did I know this? It’s here: Antonyms Vocabulary Practice Here.

Vocabulary: Antonyms part01

In enriching our word bank, it is important to know the opposite meanings of words or the Antonyms. For our today’s English Exercise, let’s practice our vocabulary knowledge by choosing the Antonym of the word. Good luck! [QUIZZIN 4]

Turkish 101: The Alphabet

A former student of mine, Ozant, has been generous enough to help us with our Turkish 101. He will be giving us the translation and pronunciation of the Turkish words.  For now, Ozant gave us the pronunciation guide of the Turkish Alphabet. Here it is: A – a as in “ugly “ B – be […]

Question and Response

For our first listening exercise, let’s have Questions and Responses. In this exercise, listen to the question and responses. All you need to do is choose the appropriate response to the question. Ready? Let’s start! [QUIZZIN 3] Don’t forget to let us know how you fare, just post your score on the comment box. Happy […]

No Registration Required

Good news! You do not need to register to  leave video/audio comment. Though I still be moderating the  comments, I hope that everyone will feel free to ask and share here and do English exercises. You are still free to register. As a registered member, I will be able to answer your questions and correct your […]

Grammar Practice: So/Such

Are you confused when to use the words “so” and “such”? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most of the ESL learners have the same confusion on the use of “so” and “such”. Before you begin this Grammar practice, read and study first when to use “so” and “such”. Ready? Now, let’s begin. Choose “so” […]

Use of “So” and “Such”

“So” and “Such” are often used in a sentence before an adjective or an adverb. They are used to strengthen the meaning of the adjective/adverb. To avoid confusion on the use of “so” and “such”, follow these two rules: 1. “so” is used before an adjective/adverb alone. word order: so + adjective/adverb Examples: He is so cute. (so […]

What Say You? If I won in a Lottery

For our speaking exercises, let’s start with “What Say You?“. This question, though sound incorrect but not, is usually asked to demand an answer. So, for this speaking exercise, all you need to do is record your answer to the question. There is no right or wrong answer here, so feel free to express yourself. […]