When to Use “The, A, An”

1. The articles “a, an” are used with countable nouns to indicate “one”; to indicate speed, cost, accuracy; and for certain numbers.

I want an apple. ( I want one apple.)
The horse runs 20 miles an hour.
A couple of dogs went inside the fence yesterday.

2. The article “the” is used when the word is used for the second time; when talking about a known object; with musical instruments; with a unique object.

I’m going to buy a house. The house should be big.
Please close the window. (“the window” on the left, referring to a known object)
I know how to play the guitar.
The moon is big tonight.

Now, you know when to use the articles “the, an, and a”. It’s time you test your knowledge. Take the Grammar Exercise now.

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