Vocabulary: Antonyms part01

In enriching our word bank, it is important to know the opposite meanings of words or the Antonyms.

For our today’s English Exercise, let’s practice our vocabulary knowledge by choosing the Antonym of the word. Good luck!

1. rife

During election time, rumours about politicians’ dirty tricks are rife.

2. ubiquitous

Our principal always roams around the school campus. He’s always ubiquitous.

3. annihilate

The rebels annihilate the town. The place seems a ghost town now.

4. bequest

Her long-lost uncle has given her a bequest that saved her shop.

5. cadaver

The cadaver of the dog was found buried in the mud.

6. delude

By accepting the offer from the administration, the leaders of the worker’s union delude its members.

7. effigy

The protesters burned the effigy of the president.

8. elude

The victim eluded her captors.

9. feckless

The manager should resign because he is feckless.

10. fervor

His parents send him to college with fervor.

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