Use of “So” and “Such”

So” and “Such” are often used in a sentence before an adjective or an adverb. They are used to strengthen the meaning of the adjective/adverb.

To avoid confusion on the use of “so” and “such”, follow these two rules:

1. “so” is used before an adjective/adverb alone.
word order: so + adjective/adverb

He is so cute. (so + adjective)
The dress is designed so neatly. (so + adverb)

2. “such” is used before an adjective that comes before a noun.
word order: such + a/an + adjective + noun

This is such a lovely design.
You are such an idiot (person). [The person is not included in the sentence although it is implied in the meaning.]

Now, practice your skill on the use of “so” and “such” inGrammar Exercise: So/Such

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