Tunisian Arabic 101: Easy Words

Hi everybody!

It’s my first post and I’m really pleased to do it. I’ll try to let you know about some easy words you can say to talk to a Tunisian in their dialect (if we speak about language, it’s the arabic and it’s common in the all the Arab country). You can use them to show your friends, relative and people surrounding you that you are really global and polyglot. Apart from that, I’ll introduce you, from time to time, into some aspects of the Tunisian culture. It’ll be great, I think, to see Tunisia from the eyes of the locals and share your experiences.

Lets start with few words :

– Good Morning >>> Sbah el Khir

– Good Night >>> Tesbah ala khir

– Thank you >>> shukran

– See you >>> ila el likau

Have fun!



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3 Responses to “Tunisian Arabic 101: Easy Words”

  1. Lou Savage says:

    This is helpful. Keep it up. Some short phrases would be great.

  2. teachertya says:

    great post Kais!

    i think it would be helpful if you can also post the recorded version of the words in Arabic. Just add video comment here and we’ll just put a note in the post.

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