Spanish Words: Masculine and Feminine

Words in Spanish are masculine or feminine

First rule (primera regla)

A word that finish in “o” is :masculine.

Examples: perro (dog) ; gato (cat), so you say : el perro, el gato.


A word that finish in “a” is femenine.

Examples: casa (house) ; puerta (door), so you say: la casa, la puerta.


Let’s Practice:  Identify if the word is masculine or feminine:

ventana (window)                     libro (book)

mesa (table)                                 loro (parrot)

teléfono (telephone)                plátano (banana)

silla (chair)                                  computadora(computer)



About the Teacher:

Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If interested to learn Spanish with her, contact  Teacher Rosa on  Skype: dicarlantonio1



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