How to Make Plural Nouns in Spanish

Just like in English, Spanish language has singular and plural forms of the nouns. It’s very easy to pluralized the nouns in Spanish. Here’s how to make plural in Spanish:

a. Words finish in vowels, add “S” at the end of the word.

Example: casa (house) – casas (houses)

b. Words finish in consonants, you add ” ES” at the end of the word.

Example: botón (button) – botones (buttons)


Let’s practice:

silla (chair) –   _______                          ordenador (computer) – _______

mesa (table) – _______                         reloj (watch) – _______

ventana (window) – _______              papel -(paper) – _______

puerta (door) – _______                       tomate-(tomato) – _______


About the Teacher:

Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If interested to learn Spanish with her, contact  Teacher Rosa on  Skype: dicarlantonio1

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