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It’s so easy to join in my online English class, just follow these simple steps:

1. Book for a trial class. Classes are through Skype. You need a Skype account, headphone, and microphone.
No Skype account yet? Get Skype HERE for FREE.

2. Choose the class package that you want to buy.

      a. Writing Class A: $5 [ ONE (1) writing task to be done offline, then a 15-min Skype class to discuss about the writing task]

     b. Writing Class B: $50 [ TEN (10) writing tasks to be done offline, then TEN (10) 15-min Skype classes to discuss about the writing tasks]

      c. 30-min Class A: $6 [ One (1) 30-min Skype class]

     d. 30-min Class B: $60 [ TEN (10) 30-min Skype classes]

     e. 30-min Class C: $120 [ TWENTY TWO (22) 30-min Skype classes]

      f. 1-hour Class A: $10 [ ONE (1) 1-hour Skype class]

      g. 1-hour Class B: $100 [ TEN (10) 1-hour Skype classes] 

      h. 1-hour Class C: $200 [ TWENTY TWO (22) 1-hour Skype classes] 


3. Pay through Paypal or credit card. Click the small arrow to choose the amount.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary. Please inform us through skype or email to cancel or reschedule your appointments. Failure to inform cancellation is considered full-paid class and payment will not be refunded.

By sending payment, you agree to the Terms and Conditions .

Class Packages
Student’s Name:
Student’s Skype:

4. Schedule your classes. You MUST pay first before you schedule.   


If you are unable to schedule your lesson through calendar, CONTACT the teacher for your desired time and day of class. Wait for the confirmation of your booked lesson through email or skype.

 5. Attend the class through Skype on the scheduled time.