Grammar Practice: The, A, An

For our first Grammar Exercise, let’s have the articles (the, an, a). Most of English learners tend to forget the use of articles. Though they are small, their use in sentences is important.

Let’s see if you can perfect this test. Let us know your score; post it on the comment box. Good luck!

1. She is a good musician: she plays ______ piano beautifully.

2. I don't see him often, only once or twice ______ month.

3. Mary's not in ____ office. I think she's gone _____ home.

4. Do you want to see Sarah? She's in _____ garden.

5. Shall we sit outside? _____ sun is really warm.

6. Do you like _____ wine? No, I don't drink ____ alcohol.

7. Have you done _____ washing-up?

8. I'll have ____ dozen eggs and ____ loaf, please.

9. I don't use _____ sugar when I'm cooking.

10. Where's ____ dog? I want to go out for _____ walk.

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3 Responses to “Grammar Practice: The, A, An”

  1. Elena says:

    You scored 8 out of 10. Your performance have been rated as ‘Very Good’

    THE alcohol ???? I didn’t know it.

  2. sheena says:

    Congratulations – you have completed Articles: “The, A, An”. You scored 5 out of 10. Your performance have been rated as ‘Satisfactory’

    its so low. teachertya what I will do?

    • teachertya says:

      there’s a grammar thoughts in Forum for “The, A, An”. Just read and study them first and try the exercise again.

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