Grammar Practice: Reflexive Pronouns

One of the types of pronouns is Reflexive Pronouns. Many are confused on when to use reflexive pronouns. Before doing this exercise, I suggest reading the guide on When to Use Reflexive Pronouns on the Forum.

Ready to start?

Let’s begin:

1. I taught _______to play the guitar. I have never had lessons.

2. Sue’s children are too young to look after _______.

3. An elephant hurt _____ when it tried to get out of the zoo yesterday.

4. I couldn't borrow my mother's car last night because she was using it ________.

5. I don’t need any help. I can take care of ______.

6. Mr. Woods fell over and hurt ____ when he was running for a bus.

7. Sarah and I didn’t really enjoy ______ at the disco last night.

8. Sally didn’t buy that sweater, she made it ________.

9. I didn’t buy the cake from the shop, I made it ________.

10. Mr. Mason ________ offered me the job.

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