Grammar Practice: Interrogative Pronouns

This Grammar Exercise is for ages 8 – 13 and/or Beginners learners.

Interrogative Pronouns are words Who, Whom, What, Which, Whose. These pronouns are used to ask questions.

Read and learn more HERE before doing the grammar practice on interrogative pronouns.

 Let’s Start:

Directions: Choose the correct Interrogative Pronouns to complete the sentences.

1. _________ is the matter with you?

2. _________ invented the computer?

3. _________ of the twins is older?

4. _________ do you wish to speak to?

5. _________ is this car in the front of our house?

6. _________ knows the answer?

7. _________ came first, the chicken or the egg?

8. _________ would you like to drink?

9. _________ of them do you think will win the race?

10. _________ is the word for stamp collector?

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