Dictation: Listening to an Announcement

In improving listening skill, it is important to understand each word heard. Writing what is heard is a good way to know whether the word heard is right or not. So, for our listening exercise, let’s have a dictation practice.

All you need to do is write in the comment form below all the words you hear in the audio. After you’re done, just click submit and I’ll let you know if you correctly jot down all the words.


You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

2 Responses to “Dictation: Listening to an Announcement”

  1. xiantaikor says:

    Attention shoppers. someone has just turned in a pair of prescription sunglasses in a black leather case. they were found on a floor of sporting goods department. if these glasses is yours, please come to the customer service counter to claim them.

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