English for Kids: The Cat and the Bird

When an 11-year-old student of mine told me that the English exercises here are difficult, that’s the time I remembered that I haven’t posted any English exercise suitable for kids. So, I immediately thought of some English practice for the tots and here is the first.

Read and Answer. (This exercise is for ages 9-12)

Directions: Read and understand the story. Then, answer the questions by choosing the correct letter of your answer.

Tiger, a cat, jumped over the wall and went into the garden next door.

He saw a bird in an apple tree. It was a small brown bird with bright red feathers on its chest. Tiger was hungry. He climbed the tree.The bird did not see him.

The bird was at the end of a long, thin branch. It sang prettily. Tiger walked slowly and quietly along the branch. He was very near the bird.

Suddenly there was a loud crash! The branch broke, the bird flew away and Tiger fell. He landed on the lap of an old lady who was sitting under the tree.


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