Class Rates

Class Rates: 

      a. Writing Class A: $5 [ ONE (1) writing task to be done offline, then a 15-min Skype class to discuss about the writing task]

     b. Writing Class B: $50 [ TEN (10) writing tasks to be done offline, then TEN (10) 15-min Skype classes to discuss about the writing tasks]

      c. 30-min Class A: $6 [ One (1) 30-min Skype class]

     d. 30-min Class B: $60 [ TEN (10) 30-min Skype classes]

     e. 30-min Class C: $120 [ TWENTY TWO (22) 30-min Skype classes]

      f. 1-hour Class A: $10 [ ONE (1) 1-hour Skype class]

      g. 1-hour Class B: $100 [ TEN (10) 1-hour Skype classes] 

      h. 1-hour Class C: $200 [ TWENTY TWO (22) 1-hour Skype classes] 



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Cancellation Policy
We understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary. Please inform us through skype or email to cancel or reschedule your appointments. Failure to inform cancellation is considered full-paid class and payment will not be refunded.

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Class Packages
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