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Speak Spanish in Spain

Hi, this is Pinkisol again for a new set of Spanish learning: Quieres aprender Español – Do you want to learn Spanish? Un curso nuevo para trabajar en restaurantes – A new course to work in restaurants Tú puedes viajar,conocer y trabajar en países de habla hispana. – You can travel,visit and work in countries […]

Business Russian: Asking Offers and Suggestions

Hello, I’m Alexander. Today I present some business Russian expressions hoping to bring your knowledge of Russian closer to real life demands. Remember that red underlined letters in the expressions are stressed and Russian letter ё is always stressed. Listen to the Audio below:   Запросить предложения / Asking for offers & suggestions Я жду ваших предложений.– I’m […]

Russian 101: Russian Alphabet

Hello! I’m Alexander and here is promised Russian alphabet. The first letter in each couple is capital. In example syllables and words, capital letters are used for stressed vowels.  Dashed letters make syllables. Examples without dashes are real words but now they are just for listening and reading. Stay with me and you’ll know the […]

Russian 101: International Words

Hello! My name’s Alexander and this is my very first lesson of Russian for beginners here. I’m going to introduce quite a long list of words which can be considered international ones, at least, concerning English and Russian. I hope this will help you to tune your ear to Russian sounds and I won’t be […]

Spanish 101: Saludos (Greetings and Goodbyes)

Greetings in Spanish (Saludos) Buenas Dias : Good Morning Buenas Tardes : Good Afternoon Buenas Noches : Good Night Hola : Hello   Goodbyes: Despedidas Chao Adios Hasta Pronto Nos Vemos : See you. Listen on how to pronounce the greetings:   About the Teacher: Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If […]

Saludos en Español

Saludos  ( greetings)  formal: Buenos días      ( good morning) Buenas tardes    (good afternoon,good evening) Buenas noches    ( good night) Informal.  Hola ¿Cómo estas? (Hello, How are you?) ¿Que tal? (what´s up?)   About the Contributor: Pinkisol or Teacher Rosa, is an online Spanish teacher. If interested to learn Spanish with her, contact  on Teacher Rosa […]

Turkish 101: The Alphabet

A former student of mine, Ozant, has been generous enough to help us with our Turkish 101. He will be giving us the translation and pronunciation of the Turkish words.  For now, Ozant gave us the pronunciation guide of the Turkish Alphabet. Here it is: A – a as in “ugly “ B – be […]

Tunisian Arabic 101: Easy Words

Hi everybody! It’s my first post and I’m really pleased to do it. I’ll try to let you know about some easy words you can say to talk to a Tunisian in their dialect (if we speak about language, it’s the arabic and it’s common in the all the Arab country). You can use them […]

Tunisian Arabic 101: Hello and Bye

I’m lucky that most of my students are understanding [with my electricity problem, my  being talkative, and my frequent asking of favor :p ]. Today, I wittingly requested my student from Tunisia to translate three English greetings in his own language, the Tunisian Arabic. Here they are: Hello.  >Asslama. /as-le-ma/ How are you? > Chnahwalek. […]

Portuguese 101: Hello and Bye

Last night, an idea struck me. I though of asking my students one word every class to translate it to their native language. I started with my student from Brazil, Mauricio. Brazil is the only country in South America whose national language is Portuguese. Let’s start with a greeting: Hello. How are you?   > Olá, […]