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Do Not Begin a Sentence with “Because”

This had been what my English teacher told me however it is not always correct. Example A: Because I am tired. A sentence must always be complete in thought. So if the sentence is like the one above, the meaning is not complete. Example B: Because his father won in the lottery, they are able […]

When to Use “The, A, An”

1. The articles “a, an” are used with countable nouns to indicate “one”; to indicate speed, cost, accuracy; and for certain numbers. Examples: I want an apple. ( I want one apple.) The horse runs 20 miles an hour. A couple of dogs went inside the fence yesterday. 2. The article “the” is used when the word […]

Grammar Practice: The, A, An

For our first Grammar Exercise, let’s have the articles (the, an, a). Most of English learners tend to forget the use of articles. Though they are small, their use in sentences is important. Let’s see if you can perfect this test. Let us know your score; post it on the comment box. Good luck! [QUIZZIN […]

What’s In the Picture? In Israel

For our second What’s In the Picture exercise, let’s have this picture: Just like in the first What’s In the Picture exercise, you just need to write or say several sentences describing the picture above. To write, use the comment box; to record your voice, go to the comment section below this post and click […]

English is a Tough Stuff part 2

It seems that the first part of English is a Tough Stuff is selling like a pancake :p, so I am giving you the second part of the poem. If you haven’t perfected the first part, just keep on reciting those and watch out for the pronunciation. Practice reading the poem first, then check out […]

Tunisian Arabic 101: Easy Words

Hi everybody! It’s my first post and I’m really pleased to do it. I’ll try to let you know about some easy words you can say to talk to a Tunisian in their dialect (if we speak about language, it’s the arabic and it’s common in the all the Arab country). You can use them […]

English is a Tough Stuff part 1

For our pronunciation, let’s start with the famous poem, English is a Tough Stuff, that even a native English speaker has difficulty in reading. I divided it into several parts so that students (you) would be able to practice and perfect several stanzas before moving onto the next part. Listen here: Let’s start: Dearest creature […]

What’s In the Picture?

I like using pictures to fiddle one’s imagination and at the same time, improve his English. Most of my lessons have picture description drills and I am always amazed on the variety of interpretations my students would give me. Some give serious take and others in humorous way. So, I decided to also entice my […]

Word Forms Practice 01

English is a beautiful yet complicated language. There are millions of words and counting. For non-native English speakers, especially those in the beginner and elementary levels, word formation and its usage are difficult and confusing. So, I thought of personal language meme called word tickle. The aim is to tickle the brain by using word […]

Tunisian Arabic 101: Hello and Bye

I’m lucky that most of my students are understanding [with my electricity problem, my  being talkative, and my frequent asking of favor :p ]. Today, I wittingly requested my student from Tunisia to translate three English greetings in his own language, the Tunisian Arabic. Here they are: Hello.  >Asslama. /as-le-ma/ How are you? > Chnahwalek. […]